5:15 to 11:00 pm

Pizza – 5:15

Practice Ride – 6:00

Movie – 8:30

Open to ALL ages.

$40 to ride, $25 w/o riding

A fun time for the kids while parents finish christmas shopping or just relax at home.

We will divide the kids into two groups,

PONIES ( for younger and / or inexperienced riders )

HORSES ( for experienced /older riders )

Ponies will be going on Pony rides, Horses will be getting to ride bareback.

Everyone will get to do some fun horse – themed christmas crafts and help decorate the stalls (and the lounge too!)

We will have milk and cookies as a snack.

$30 for 1st child, $25 for each additional child attending.

Another Friday Night fun night…..


6:00 – Dinner (Pizza)

6:45 and 7:30 – Practice Rides

8:30 – Movie

After the movie everyone is welcome to sleep over at the barn!

Cost is $40 if you plan on riding or $25 just for dinner, movie, and a sleepover.  Please put your first AND second horse choices on the signup sheet. For the littler riders they may want to head home at 10 after a fun evening with their horsey friends.

10:00 – Barb/ Dick

11:00 – Sassy

11:45 – Geronimo

2:15 – Joel,

3:45 – Carlie,

4:30 – Sam,

5:15 – Brian,

6:00 – Dottie


Our very own Sam Levi get recognised in the ISHA organization.

Congratulations Sam!

Here is the link!



11:00 – Susan

3:00 – Kathleen

3:45 – Gen

5:15 – Brian

6:00 – Rori

6:45 – Stacy

Fieldstone Farm Show Entry

Show Date: 9/25/11 Start Time: 9:00 AM


Rider of Horse:                                                                                               Rider Age:                    


Phone:                                                          E-Mail:                                                                                 

Please fill in class number you would like to enter with the above horse only. If trailering in: attach horse’s coggins and check to entry form. Mail to: Fieldstone Farm; 31746 Collegeville Rd.; Saint Joseph, MN 56374. Email scsu_eqteam@hotmail.com or fieldstonefarmmn@qwestoffice.net with questions.

Class numbers:                      Fees:                    









Day Stall? Yes/No                                   

Office Fee $3                                              

Total Fees:                                  

Fees: $5.00 per class on your own horse

$7.00 per class on a school horse

$25.00 per day stall

1. WT Equitation 18+ 11. Ride-a-Buck 11-17
2. WT Equitation 11-17 12. Ride-a-Buck 18+
3. WTC Equitation 11-17 13. WT Equitation 10 and under
4. Beginner WTC Equitation 18+ 14. Ride-a-Buck 10 and under
5. Advanced WTC Equitation 18+ 15. Egg & Spoon 10 and under
6. Equitation Pattern 16. Egg & Spoon 11-17
7. Ground Pole Equitation 17. Egg & Spoon 18+
8. X-Rails Equitation 18. Pole Bending 10 and under
9. 18” Hunter Equitation over fences under 18 19. Pole Bending 11-17
10. 18” Hunter Equitation over fences 18+ 20. Pole Bending 18+


I hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Fieldstone Farm, its instructors, officers, directors, agents, and volunteers from and against any and all loss, liability or damage arising from or because of , or in connection with, participation in this competition or related activities.


Parent or guardian if rider is under 18:                                                                                                      

On your April billing there was a charge for handling your horse when the vet was here….some of you were here to hold your own horses….the rest, we charged $10.00 fee, as notified on the shot sign up sheet.  Please check your invoices….I will print out statements along with your May billing for those of you that missed this charge. Also unless you have made other arrangements with Teresa, your board is due on the 1st and will receive a $25.00 late charge if paid late. If you are not here to hold your horse for vet services you will be billed a vet handling fee.  On the 26th the vet is scheduled to do floating of teeth. Stop at the barn or give me a call if you have any questions.

Thanks  TJ

All the horses are tucked into their stalls…munching away on hay. When oh when will this weird weather stop.

Horses are being brought in right now before it gets any worse….Almost wish it was snowing instead.