November 2009

Jen has a large group of Girls scouts in for a lesson on Dec. 9th from 4:30 to 8: 00 pm.   The arena will be closed to other riders for that time.  Thanks for your understanding.

Teresa, Denero and Betsy S.What a fun and productive weekend. We had great rides, continuing to work on my own straightness and balance which of course helps his. Betsy is a supportive and demanding teacher. There was a great group of riders there all encouraging each other. Luckily I may have a chance to work with her again in the spring…yea!

Thank you everyone for making this show fun. I think everyone had a great time and plenty to eat. If you took pictures please send some via email and I will post them here.

Congratulations to all the riders!

Check out the board at the barn for a sign up sheet for either of these group lessons.

emily_jumping_camp1We have a couple of Freestyle rides to music at our show on Sun.            

  It is a fun social event to learn together and perform as a group. Learn basic terminology, and traffic control.

For the jumping class, we can all help set up the jumps together and then practice and learn, gain an educated eye, and help each other when out of a lesson setting.

Sign up sheet is starting to fill.      🙂

campWe are having another camp from 10 to 3:00. So far there are 6 riders signed up. Campers will ride morning and afternoon with the non ride time filled with crafts and horse related learning.

The one thing all famous authors, world-class athletes, business tycoons, singers, actors, and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began their journeys when they were none of these things.

Yet still, they began their journeys.

~Mike Dooley

* Remember to bring a potluck item for the lunch during the show. *

Intro A

11:00 – Hannah W – Grover

11:06 – Sam – Peanut

11:12 – Emily M – Falcon

11:18 -Emily H – Peanut

11:25 – Gen F – Natty G

Intro B

11:31 – Hannah W – Grover

11:37 – Sam – Peanut

11:43 – Emily M. – Falcon

11:49 – Emily H – Peanut

Training 1

12:25 – Anna – Falcon

12:31 – Maddie – Peanut

12:37 – Ashley – Oreo

12:43 – Cass – Imp

12:49 – Amanda – Mckye

Training 2

12:55 – Amanda – Mckye

1:02 – Cass – Imp

1:08 – Ashley -Oreo

1:13 -Anna – Falcon

1:20 – Maddie – Peanut

Maddie and Anna’s Freestyle

1:45 – Gen – Val – 1st 1

1:55 – Gen – Val – 1st 2

2:05 – Mariah – Peanut – 1st 1

2:13 – Mariah – Peanut – 1st 2

Gen and Ashley’s Freestyle demonstration.

Jumping Classes to follow Freestyle.


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