December 2009

Merry Christmas from Falcon and Anna.

Learning a lot, eating well and having fun with friends….what more could you ask for!

We are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of …….oh wait, that’s a different world. We ARE off to ride with Dolly Hannon just about as good.  Look for pictures and comments soon.

 Have a great weekend everyone!

One of my young students, a four-year old, was so excited to give me her Christmas gift, this card she drew.  For me this is the best gift of all, being a part of the development of young peoples lives.  For all my students I give the best I have, whether it is how to ride or the message not to give up, try again, we all impact each others lives. Let’s make sure it is positive.         Thanks Emma!

 “True riding is an endless search for synchrony and harmony. You can get it today and lose it tomorrow. This search is no overnight affair but a progression of steps, measured in tiny increments of success in an endless journey of challenge and discovery.”

Thanks Cassie for finding this…

 “Behind the rider you’ve become, the coaches who’ve pushed you, the dirt beneath your nails, the horses who’ve left, the ribbons you’ve won..and haven’t won, the tears you’ve cried, the friends you’ve made, the jumps you’ve jumped, the barrels you’ve raced, is that little girl who gave her heart to that pony and never …looked back.”

Thank you Mariah for this one!


                    It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere I go…. Just stroll down the aisle and enjoy the decorations.

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