March 2010

April 3rd   Corey Clinic Ride times

 8:00 – Adam

 8:45 – Mona   Working on some halter and then riding with others in the ring.

                           Other clinic riders may join her for the halter showmanship.   

9:30 – Neeley


11:00 – Bev

                Jen K

12:30 – Lunch

 1:00 – Shawna


 2:30 – Lisa B

               Katie K

Pot Luck lunch…let me know what you would like to bring.

 We have two rings to ride in, so you will be able to warm up for your lesson in the outdoor before you time begins. Please let Corey know what specifics you are looking to improve, she will tailor the lesson to each individual.  Corey coaches the U of M equestrian team as well as being a WSCA  judge, she is a fun and relaxed instructor who will help you polish you horsemanship skills.

 It will be a fun day to stay and watch the other lessons or if your day is already full you can do your lesson and continue on with the rest of your days activities.


I am going out to Brads barn in April with Denero for a month….so he is not scheduled to do another clinic here for a while.  He will be doing a clinic in Brainard on the 15 and 16 of April or at Otter Creek farm in WI (about 2.5 hr away) on April 17th and 18th. So if you are wanting to ride with him again..let me know and I will put you in touch with the organisers.  I will be out of the barn on April 15/ lessons theses days and again on May 7th thru, I think the 16th, watch the board or here for updates.

Mariah Gordon March 16 at 9:28pm 
Hey Teresa!

I had to do a journal workshop in English about something in nature that I thought was beautiful, and naturally I wrote about horses. We had to describe it according to our five senses. Thought you would enjoy! 🙂

The most beautiful thing that I have seen in nature is a horse. They have a raw power and elegance to them that makes seeing them a beautiful sight. Their powerful limbs and sleek bodies demand your attention and respect. They possess maginificent muscles that ripple beneath a rich coat.

Not only seeing them makes horses beautiful, but hearing them can have the same effect. Whether hearing a set of pounding hooves rhythmically beating the ground or hearing a kind nicker or a frustrated snort, shows the beauty of a horse.

Touching their smooth, glossy coat or stroking their velvety nose allows you to feel the power beneath your fingertips, but all the while allowing you to feel their kind, sweet nature.

To gain an entire new sense of a horse you need to breathe in deeply the unique smell. Filling your lungs with the slightly sweet, earthy, calming scent of a horse brings everything to a different level. Sometimes there is a hint of sweet grass or worn leather that lingers among a horse or the delicious smell of apples or carrots.

To truly grasp, respect, and love the beauty of a horse is when you fall off and get a nice mouthful of grimy dirt that covers your teeth and makes you feel down and dirty.

But the true beauty comes from the way you hop back on and see and admire the astounding features of your horse, hear the soft nicker of an apology, feel the calm breathing, smell the deep richness of your saddle, and taste the grit between your teeth. Then the beauty hits you head-on, and you pick up right where you left off, all the while giving your beautiful horse a forgiving pat.

It’s spring and the footing is good! Can you beleive it. This is where I’m riding tomorrow.

Anna and Emily enjoying the great weather and Falcon before their lesson today.

Time to take those blankets home and wash them…wet winter/summer blankets need to be hung in the aisle not the tack room. There is not enough room in the tack room walk ways for people to get there equipment past when a blanket is hung up. More importantly the wet blanket may get someone elses saddle etc. wet. Thanks for your help…sheddling seasons is in full swing so be sure to sweep up your grooming spot before you go in to ride.

Just a reminder…Please stomp off your feet before you walk through the lounge…the wet weather and shaving make for a messy lounge. I know it is a barn but with your help it can stay a relatively clean one. Thanks for your help.

11  O’Clock and all the horses are snug in their stalls for the day….happy to leave the puddles in their paddocks….come on spring.

They did all get a lesson in river crossings…always a silver lining  🙂

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