April 3rd   Corey Clinic Ride times

 8:00 – Adam

 8:45 – Mona   Working on some halter and then riding with others in the ring.

                           Other clinic riders may join her for the halter showmanship.   

9:30 – Neeley


11:00 – Bev

                Jen K

12:30 – Lunch

 1:00 – Shawna


 2:30 – Lisa B

               Katie K

Pot Luck lunch…let me know what you would like to bring.

 We have two rings to ride in, so you will be able to warm up for your lesson in the outdoor before you time begins. Please let Corey know what specifics you are looking to improve, she will tailor the lesson to each individual.  Corey coaches the U of M equestrian team as well as being a WSCA  judge, she is a fun and relaxed instructor who will help you polish you horsemanship skills.

 It will be a fun day to stay and watch the other lessons or if your day is already full you can do your lesson and continue on with the rest of your days activities.