As the fall weather settles in , just a reminder on the arena use etiquette. While the weather is still fair and not raining….please use the upper ring to lunge if there is more than one rider in the indoor. When you are done lunging come and ride in the indoor if you want to ride inside.  As the snow and cold arrive please wait for the arena to settle down to one rider if you want to lunge your horse before you ride, this usually happens fairly quickly. 

 There is going to be group lessons on every other Wed evening for the SCSU Equestrian Team. The lessons will start at 5 and run through 7 or so. The arena will be closed to other riders for those 2 hours. The Team rode on the 22nd so they will be back on the 6th of Oct. for their next lessons.  They have a competition this weekend…wish the luck.