I am almost speachless….and for those of you that know me….that doesn’t happen offen.

After reading a paper that one of my students wrote for a school assignment I was brought to tears.  She wrote with such a depth of understanding and compassion, a voice from the heart.  That she wrote about me and how I have impacted her life is where I feel blessed.

I am humbled to be around such wonderful people…Thank you

The horses are all happy they are inside and not out in the cold rain….

We are still planning on doing the trail ride on Sat … the forcast is for 50 degrees and partly sunny!

We are planning a group trail ride on Oct 30, 2010, at Crow Hassen Co Park. Check the barn notice board for details or call or email Teresa if you would like to attend.

Jeana Kunkel   has been teaching lessons on Fri eve and Saturdays and Coaching the St. Cloud State Equ. Team on every other Wed eve. Jeana moved her horse career forward at Crookston, focusing on jumping as well as working on hunt seat and some western.   The SCSU Equ. team is bringing in the ribbons with their hard work and Jeanas great coaching.  Many of you have taken jumping lessons with her and have enjoyed the new perspective.

Kristen VanBockern Will be teaching Sundays and evey other Wed eve. Kristen has had many years of working with show horses and is going to strengthen our western riding program. Watch for future posting on Trail Rides, on and off site, WSCA show coaching and many other great ideas we have been talking about.

As the fall weather settles in , just a reminder on the arena use etiquette. While the weather is still fair and not raining….please use the upper ring to lunge if there is more than one rider in the indoor. When you are done lunging come and ride in the indoor if you want to ride inside.  As the snow and cold arrive please wait for the arena to settle down to one rider if you want to lunge your horse before you ride, this usually happens fairly quickly. 

 There is going to be group lessons on every other Wed evening for the SCSU Equestrian Team. The lessons will start at 5 and run through 7 or so. The arena will be closed to other riders for those 2 hours. The Team rode on the 22nd so they will be back on the 6th of Oct. for their next lessons.  They have a competition this weekend…wish the luck.

Our first one day  camp will be on the 9th of August.

This camp is already full…..So I will be planning more one day camps soon. Check back for more dates!

Brad will be back on the 27th and 28th of this month…thats a Sun – Mon. I have posted the ride times on the board at the barn…let me know if these time work for you or if you would like a different time. We have some flexibility.

I will be out of the barn until the 17th … will have lessons that day!

I am off to Brad Cutshall’s farm in MI in the morning. I get to see my sweet, loveable, (not furry anymore) old Denero!!  I miss that guy, it’s hard to believe it has just been two weeks since I took him out there. I will be back teaching on the 17th of this month. If someone would like to a lesson please contact Jen Krepp or Jeana Kunkle, their phone numbers are posted at the barn. My cell phone will be on, so I will be keeping in touch…I may have to get a laptop to keep in touch with the fb crowd.  See all you guys soon.

I talked to Brad and Denero is doing great….He did 14 one tempi changes in a row on Fri..Whoohoo! Now we will see if I can do that also. Cann’t wait to go out and get my own lessons and see my boy. One more week and I will be on my way!

Had a great ride on Krizzy…down the road and through the woods…she was fantastic!