January 2010

That’s what learning is.                                                                                          You suddenly understand something you understood your whole life, but in a new way.                       _Doris Lessing


The clinic will run from 8:00am Sat morning until 1:30 Sat afternoon. The arena will be closed to non clinic riders during that time. On Sun the arena will be closed from 12:45 to 3:30 for clinic rides again.  Everyone is welcome to watch the clinic and learn from the other riders. We are having a potluck breakfast/lunch during the clinic.  See you there!

A mother of one of my students passed this on to me, her daughter was asked to write a paper on someone she acclaimed….

Try, Try, Again

    When I was about six years old, my mother signed me up for horseback riding lessons.  I have been to many barns since then, and have had many instructors, but my favorite place by far is where I’m riding now.  It’s called Fieldstone Farms.  The people are nice, the horses are great and it’s very beautiful out there.  My instructor’s name is Teresa.  She is nice, but if there is a job, she gets it done.  My first impression of her was that she was a bit strict, but once you get to know her, she is an awesome person.  I had been riding for about three years before Fieldstone, so I knew how to ride.  If I do something wrong, or my horse acts weird, she asks me what I think happened and makes me do it again.  Teresa has made me see horses in a wonderful way and taught me many things.  She gives me advice and helps me understand horses better.  She means a lot to me now, and still teaches me.  She treats her horses so good; they are very spoiled.  When I grow up, I want to be an equestrian just like her.  The next time I see her, I will say how much the lessons she gives me means to me.  I have won many blue ribbons just because Teresa has been there to teach me. She is an amazing equestrian.                                                                Anna Miller

Thanks Anna

The Clinic is full, so thank you to all that are participating.  We are all looking forward to lots of  learning and fun.  I would like to have a potluck lunch during the clinic on Sat.  So lets sign up for an item to bring, sheet is on the board.

It would be great to have our rides video taped, so if someone would like to make a little money or volunteer to be the camera person that would be great, contact Teresa if interested.

 Jeana has posted a sign up sheet on the board for the show. Lots of  fun games and jumping classes, there will also be some flat equation classes.  Come spend the day with the best valentine of all…your horse.  Like always we will have a potluck lunch during the show…there is a sign up sheet for that also on the board.

Pierre is wishing he was juuust a little taller…all those easy to reach crab apples are long gone.  Grover is just waiting for dropage.

I will be back in the land of the frozen toes and noses this Mon. If you have lessons on Mon the 11th I will be there….with extra layers.

Thank you goes out to Janet and all the workers that have kept the barn running smoothly through this cold crazy weather.